Same Pants, different outfits- Outift inspo for Fall-Winter (2018)

Hey beauties! Hope you are having a lovely end of fall and a magical winter’s season beginning! Its the most wonderful time of the year!

I have promised you a while ago, to share with you some outfits for fall/ winter and here they come! I love them and I hope you will love them too.

I have thought that it would be a good idea to show you some ideas of how to mix the same pair of trousers in different stylings.

There are a few basic pieces which I bought for this season, which are my favorites and one of them are the super cosy, perfectly cut, plaid trousers with pockets from Stradivarius.

These 3/4 lenght, pegged trousers are very complimenting for a petite with a moderate hourglass body-shape like mine, but I think they are very well cut and would compliment any body shape. I must say, they are the perfect trousers to me this seasons until now, and I will have to learn to let go of my attachment for them a little bit, if not, I might just be tempted to wear them every day. They also keep very warm.

Another piece is the beige cloth coat from Zara, which I absolutely adore. It’s just so elegant!

I am letting you discover more in the pictures below.

Because these pants are quite high-waist, I usually accentuate my waist, by putting my tops in them and letting the waist totally visible or partially visible, depending on how I want the overall look to be.

In the style in the pics above and below I also use a belt in ivory color from the summer collection of 2018 to accentuate my waist even more (I think it was from Stradivarius…I am almost sure, but I removed the label…I dont really love labels and how they feel on the skin…). The color is meant to suit the buttons’s color of the blouse (which is from Zara winter collection 2018). The over-sized earrings are, as I can remember, from an older collection at H&M.

I put my hair up so that the emphasis wouldn’t be too big on the upper part of my body (on my head, more precisely). This is a rule to me, when I wear bigger earrings, like the ones here. Of course, you can break the rules whenever you feel like.

Here’s a cosy outfit to wear indoors and enjoy your morning coffee in it.

Getting in the mood for Christmas:

In this styling I’ve marked only the middle of my waist by putting my cosy sweater (from Stradivarius also) inside my trousers only in the front-middle part of my front waist which is a trick to make your body look even more slender and hour-glassy.

Here comes the coat from Zara and this sexy, nerdy look. I bought the glasses from H&M last year. Fake glasses are just cool. You can also add pink lenses to them and everything will be amazing!

I love to wear these pants with flats. If you wear them so, you point out your ankles. Yeah, I know flat-weather is almost over, but maybe, just maybe, I will wear them inside, when I drive, or on warmer days…

In the picture below, I wear them with my boots for rain, snow and any weather condition and type of geography. These boots are oldies but goldies!

In the next styling, I’m mixing prints inside one color theme: beige, brown and black. Even though I have this fake-fur coat from last year, animal print is still one of the favorite trends for this winter, and actually, I wouldn’t care less about trends if I totally love to wear something! This coat was and is from H&M.

Also, this elegant type of shoes with small heels is an excellent option to elongate your silhouette when wearing a shorter coat like the one in this styling, also pointing out your ankles. I think these are a sort of what is called loafer shoes with a 5 cm block heel. I have them from an older collection from Christelen B.

I styled my bag with a fitting scarf so that I had a chromatic unity between the hat and the rest of my styling. I used the wireless headphones from Beats instead of a black necklace:

I really hope this outfit ideas will be useful and that they will inspire you in your daily outfits. 💕

Let me know what you think in the comment box below and if you loved this article!

With love,


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