~Casual autumn outfit inspo~

Bonjour to you, my beautiful reader! Thank you for taking your time to stop by in here for a few moments of peace and color ☺️

Today I want to show you my outfit choice for a relaxed walk in nature on a smooth autumn day with mild sun and gentle breeze. But before that, I want to take a walk with you in silence, and in nature, and tell you a story of autumn, which makes me so happy!

I don’t know about you but I am surely an autumn lover! I enjoy spending as much time outside as possible during this lovely season, enjoying all of it’s gifts: the fruits, the fragrances, the heavy, grey and humid-rainy days, it’s nostalgia, the golden rays of honey in the sun, it’s silences. The feeling and certainty that every leaf reveals itself as a whisper of poetry.


Taking long and inspiring walks deep into nature, letting myself infused by that energy, sensing the fresh and cool air flooding my lungs while maybe enjoying a delicious, steaming drink, are all such vivid experiences.

October air suggests to me the fine fragrance of a refined and unique perfume. Landscapes are already being covered in emotions of intense, painted, fiery memories and all of my senses awaken into a whole new dimension, somewhat surreal, somewhere at the edge between the material and the ethereal world. The perfect scenery for dreaming and contemplation.

Watching nature’s glorious artwork burst into a flush of beauty is a source of inspiration. There is no other way for you than to take that beauty in your life and recycle it into your creations.

Here are some shots from the the last weekend’s walk near a lake and my outfit choice for that walk. In the following blog posts, I’m planning to post more pics of other autumn-outfits so you can let yourself be inspired by them.

Photo credit: Bogdan Onecic

Much love! 🤗🤗🤗❤️

Catinca~ Stylesinallseasons~



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  1. rorokdesigns says:

    These pictures are really cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, glad you like them! 💕


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