2. Red code in your wardrobe!

Hey lovelies!


Today is going to be about red, the color of life and passion! Red is one of the three basic colors in the color wheel and it has many varieties of shades, some of them cooler, others warmer, each of them representing powerful statements regarding confidence and passion for life.


Red is a vivid color, therefore it is a color which will certainly draw attention to you when wearing it. It is full of energy, life, movement, “fire”, positivism and it is a color which indicates exuberance and courage. Red sends the message that you believe in yourself, you matter, you know that you are important and you trust yourself, embracing your passion for life totally.

Red has always been considered as a big turn-on for the opposite sex and a highlighter of our qualities, of our sensuality, of our passion for life, of our energetic spirit and temperament.

Red is the color of the blood of almost every living being on this planet (almost, because for example octopus blood is blue!), therefore it symbolizes life, indicating life force and vital energy. Trough out history, red has been considered a symbol of wealth, and it was also one of the first colors to be used in the prehistoric age by the painters of those days on the walls of caves. In eastern philosophy, it is associated with the first chakra or root chakra, related to our capacity to be grounded, connected to mother earth, to the material dimension. It is a color of abundance, physical vitality and health. In color-therapy, red is recommended for increasing our vitality, our energy-levels and optimism. In different cultures, red is used in the chromatic composition of the patterns of many traditional costumes and it is also found in the use of body paints in ritualistic body art.

Red is a very elegant color which can be used in many ways and which stands out in an outfit from the smallest accessory to an all-red outfit. Or maybe just red lips? Yes, red in a small proportion (let’s say 5%) can make a black dress or a white suit look fantastic, elegant and beautiful. It’s that “je ne sais quoi” which gives an outfit life and completes the entire styling in a perfect way.

Red is alive, wild and works as a very feminine color for women, even though it can also work for men very lovely as well, having the same effect on them of making them stand out in a passionate and confident way.

When you choose the read which your wear, make sure you will choose a red which compliments your skin-type. Choose warmer shades of red if you have a warmer undertone in your skin and your skin looks more golden, and choose cooler shades of red for a cooler undertone of the skin. If you are neutral (you are both warm and cold skinned, or none of them), you can easily wear any shade of red and it will make you look gorgeous.


When it comes to red, fashion designers have explored the beauty of red in many spectacular, surprising, refined, eccentric, festive, sensual and passional ways and it certainly is a color of celebration and a color which takes a certain amount of fearlessness and confidence to be worn.

My best advice is go for it because you can’t possibly go wrong with this color. Some red lipstick is just enough to start with but don’t be afraid to experiment with this color more in your outfits (best way to start is to accessorize your outfits with red accessories like scarfs, shoes, jewelry, makeup, manicures, hats, basques) and wear it more often.


“When in doubt, wear red lipstick.”

Hope this was helpful and I would love your feedback about it!

Wishing you a day full of positive energy 💋






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