„What’s for you will always find a way”

I was reflecting the other day on life and it came up to me how important it is to let things flow naturally, rather then force them to happen.

Sometimes we as humans, try to force things in our lives and try to make them work when maybe they’re just not suitable for us anymore. Maybe it’s some old relationship, or an old job, or an old place. Maybe it’s our entire older way of living which no longer suits our soul. Not only clothes become old, but habits, situations and people can sometimes no longer serve our highest good and need to be let go of so you can be free. Maybe it’s time for letting go so you can let something new in! Maybe it’s time to allow the old to go and the new to come.

Maybe it’s time for another rebirth of things and of yourself.

We often have the tendency to force things, to hurry processes, to want to control everything. It’s normal and human. But besides all which seems to not work in the first place by being forced into your life, there might be a higher meaning. It might be that the whole point is of letting go and allowing the miracles to happen in perfect timing.

True wisdom has the power of patience and knowing that everything happens exactly at the right time, in the right scenery, with the right people.

True wisdom allows everything to be GENTLE. It allows the gentleness of the flow.

c601dcea-4c01-4e01-ba55-2209126bb1aaThe right people and events are those who are NOW in our lives. Those who miraculously showed up when you least expected them to, when you where totally open to life, without expectations but totally enjoying the present moment as it is.

You will never have to force what is right for you and what is best for you. You can plant seeds, water them, give them the right soil and enough sun, but if and when they grow does not depend on you anymore. Opportunities will come your way if you do your thing, if you keep your passion and love for what you are doing. The right people will be there at the right time, some might be just messengers, some might be road openers, some might assist you for a while, some might join your journey for a longer time and some might bless you with their presence forever. You will never know for sure from the beginning, but you might feel it. But then, you could let life surprise you and be open to whatever gifts and surprises it has to offer to you!

Hope this will inspire you in your journey!

Much love 💖✨


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