How to listen to yourself more!

Hey lovelies! 💕💫

I want to share with you in this article my opinion regarding how important it is to listen to the signals which your body is sending you and to it’s inner wisdom. And I hope it will inspire you in some way or another!

Listening to ourselves is a very important aspect of living our life fully and at it’s biggest potential. It is the beginning of mindfulness and peace with ourselves and the world.

I believe that the secret to listening to ourselves is not at all a secret but something very accessible for anyone, something easy to do, anytime, anywhere.

Of course, it would be very good if you could find a space where there is peace and quiet and the time to do this daily. But then, this time and space can expand into the whole day, every second and minute of the day and can become a habit and more than that: a way of living.
But let me put it into words, what do I mean by this?

When I say listening to ourselves I mean listening to the messages which our feelings and physical sensations are sending us. I mean paying attention to ourselves and honouring our feelings. No feeling is there by chance. They all tell us story which we keep inside of us, a story about the state of peace and mindfulness in which we find ourselves now.

The easiest way to listen to yourself is by listening and observing your body. I truly recommend this.

In the stress of daily life, running towards goals and achieving things, stressing over the least important things which cherish our souls, we often forget the basics of a fulfilling life: relaxing. When this happens, we collect tensions in the body, which are a sign that we need to stop and listen. It’s just the way in which our body signals us the fact that we stopped enjoying life, that we are going in a direction in which we don’t really feel like. And this feels wrong in the body. Each and every tension, hurt, fatigue or other symptom of the body is a call of our longing towards leading a life of presence.

So, how can you listen to yourself by listening to your body? Firstly, take time for yourself daily. No matter what, start enjoying life and celebrate. No excuses go for this one. If you have time to do so many things, then you have time to relax.

You can just breathe and observe the tensions in the body. You can feel them from the core while breathing. You can massage yourself, you can take a hot salt bath or you can just relax every muscle in your body, while breathing. Take your time to feel the tensions. Pay to them the attention that they need. That is how they will (instantly or over time) dissolve and go away. You could offer yourself nourishment at the spa or a massage!

What is very important is that you really start feeling your body! Listen to it’s needs. If you need sleep, then sleep more. If you crave for a certain food or a quantity of it, then EAT. Without guilt. Eat it as a gift for your body and soul. Just enjoy every bit of it in total presence, totally enjoy the present which you are offering to yourself in the present moment. The body always knows what it’s needs are, but because we sometimes forget how to listen to it and serve it more, less or differently than what it asks for, it sends messages that you need to change something. Most of the times, in the case of food, the issue is one regaring our mindset. Especially women tend to feel guilty when eating. They forget how to listen to their bodies, what, how and how much they want to eat and then they manifest unwanted emotions in the form of eating disorders.

I believe that when you listen to your body, your body listens to you, and you create a new relationship with it. When you listen carefully, then your body tells you how much you need of everything and you will be surprised that balance means not to much, not to little. Balance exists in the form of enjoying life, tasting a bit or more of everything but not really needing or craving for something desperately.

Balance in your life means enjoying the moments in which you rest. It means being present in the moments of work, creation, movement, change. It means going with your flow. Listening to the energy in yourself and letting balance find it’s own way.

When you get used to listening to your needs, you will stop overeating, sleeping to little or to much, working out to much, being a workaholic. I believe there comes a time in somebody’s life, when you are overfed with controlling things and doing them in the same, old and inefficient way (in the long-run).

Your body and energy have their own discipline and rythm, you just have to calibrate yourself to that inner wisdom. In this way, health, vitality, joy and inspiration will follow. You will be able to live by the rhythm of nature but also, as a paradox, to create your own lifestyle and rules, guided by listening to yourself.

So, this simple way of listening to your body, is usually the first step in listening to your emotional needs, to your intuition, to your gut feeling, to your dreams, to your inner voice of wisdom and knowing, to the calling of the soul. These things are all interconnected and related from a holistic viewpoint regading the human being.

In short, my message in this article is about the fact that we should take care of ourselves more, because if we don’t, then who else will?

I believe that you are the most important person in your life and before being able to offer anything to anybody else, you have to offer yourself the attention, care, love and cherishing that you need in order to live, not just survive. You have to know when to stop, listen and go with the flow of your own self.

I really hope that these thoughts will inspire you to start living the life you actually deserve, a life of fulfillment and joy.

And remember, big changes are the result of small consistent steps.

Sending you all the love and good vibes,


Photo credit: Bogdan Onecic

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