My Philosophy on Style! 

Hello lovelies!

Today I want to dive a bit deeper into things, and I wish to share with you the way in which I view style, fashion and beauty, because this is the concept which inspires me all along in what I want to share with you here.

Let me ask you, what does style mean to you? What importance do you give it? What role does it have in your life? Is it rather a social convention or do you consider it as a form of art? Do you enjoy it or do you rather find it unimportant? If you find it important, then in what way is that?

Photo credit: Alin Ciprian Photography
To me, and I guess that to most of the women and to many men out there also, getting dressed up in an outfit is not just a random act of covering up our body! It’s not just covering that up, which in itself already is Art!

I believe that in it’s already existing perfection, the human body is a perfect piece of Art made of stardust and miracle! Harmonious engineering of the Universe! That’s why it has always been the center of interest in arts and aesthetics, either naked or dressed!

Therefore I believe that getting dressed up is a form of honoring the Art which we already are! Getting dressed up, is an act of revealing the already existing BEAUTY of each unique human being. And not just the body’s beauty but that of our being as a whole!

Yes, it’s a form of celebration and creating!! Celebrating yourself!

Besides the fact that we can see a pattern of beauty in each and every individual, most awesome thing I guess, is our own individuality.

Each one of us is different in manifestation and that’s more than perfect. And that is why, in my opinion, people can’t follow trends and expect to express individuality, but instead, trends are a choice among many others which follow YOU. So, You first, trends secondly.

Expression, Feeling, Passion and Joy, this are the fabrics in which I dress myself. This is what I am looking for in clothing and style.

Because to me, having good taste means creating a visual and tactile form of poetry.

Fashion means storytelling. Silent music of shape, colour, volume, texture. Fantasy and imagination.

Photo credit: Vlad Ceockhan
I see fashion as a language which allows us to express whatever we choose to express.

When I put on an outfit and choose my clothes, I want to express joy, because I choose to be joy!

How about you?

I always ask myself, why not create beauty in each and every possible way you can? But really and truly enjoy it and feel that it makes you happy!

You can try elegant, classy, casual, simple, crazy, hippie, eclectic, ethnic, vintage, futuristic or whatever comes trough your mind right now, whatever way suits you and brings you even more joy than before!

So, style should actually be a fun thing to do. It should improve your well-being. It should be playful. It should be a form of expressing our creativity and uniqueness!

Style should be an accessible form of art to anyone who feels like creating. Don’t worry about talent, dare to make mistakes and experiment! Dare to never stop learning! In everything , not just in style and fashion! Life would be really boring if we ever stopped learning the moment we finished our education (actually, I always loved self-education more than official education, but I guess both have their purpose and efficiency. The good thing about autodidactic education is that you can do it all life long and it’s for free! 🤓)

So, I believe that your attitude towards the act of choosing your outfit is what matters. I believe that when you find joy in all the little things in life, like your daily outfit for example, then your bigger picture becomes an overall song of joy!

By the way, here’s what I bought today from Zara and can’t wait to wear them as soon as the snow which has taken over Bucharest is going to disappear and Spring will finally come for good!

Black, white, beige, red! One bomb combo! 💥💣❣️🖤

A friend once asked me: how can you be stylish at the same time and also be profound? Many people might think that being interested in looks and fashion is just about looks, just about material things. Yes, of course style and fashion is about looks, and for some it’s maybe only about that, not to judge, but for others it’s also art, beauty, philosophy and joy! It’s nonverbal language! It’s a part of daily life and a part which can be magical!

And you don’t need to be rich to be a style lover and a stylish person. You can find cheap but elegant, stylish clothes and accessories, and also buy second-hand stuff, if: you know what you want, where to look and how to look at things! And, if you are blessed enough to afford more expensive things, then I recommend you to donate the old ones which you know that you no longer wear. Your wardrobe doesn’t even have to be very big in order for you to be stylish! All you actually ever need is inspiration and creativity!

So guys, this is how I live and love style, fashion, beauty!

I hope this article will be a dose of inspiration to you, that you enjoyed it and feel free to comment and give me your feedback!

Hope you have an awesomely incredible and inspired day!

Much love! Catinca

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  1. Mohd says:

    Yet another good blog on style by alexandra, perhaps the suggestion given by you is very good and informative,you have done a great research before wrting the same apart from enclosing the photos’ which are very relevant. The photograph very much suites intention of the writer and gives a clear picture on the ideas. Keep it up hope you write and share your knowledge. God bless you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much my friend! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼😍 Glad you liked it! 👌🏼


  2. Thank you very much!!😍😍😍🤗💕


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