8 Ways to keep your Energy Levels up this Spring! 

Hello guys!

Spring is on it’s way and almost arrived, so I wanted to share with you a few tips that might be helpful in welcoming one of the prettiest seasons properly: fresh and energized! 🌸

Besides the smell of flowers, the freshness of the air, the warm and mild sun caressing our body and senses, the feeling of rebirth and motivation, we might also experience Spring asthenia, we might feel tired or even a little depressed, anxious, and lack the energy we need to support our enthusiasm and our plans.
But don’t worry about that too much, because as we both know, to every problem there lies a solution and that’s why I am writing this article, so that you can include the following habits that I am going to share with you in your daily routine and schedule.

Of course, I use them too, or else I wouldn’t be writing about them. I never give advice I didn’t test on myself first and which I found out to be efficient. And yes, I am also prone to spring asthenia.

So, let me just start by sharing with you eight ways in which I improved my life for the better and which habits help me boost my energy levels and improve my mood every time I need it. 💥✨🌟

1.) Working out! 💪

This season is perfect to start working out and you don’t necessarily need to go to the gym to do that. You don’t even need to invest a lot of money in being fit, all you need to do is invest some of your time and a lot of self-respect in your body. And maybe to pay for the internet subscription. 🤗😜 Why? Because you have a lot of alternatives instead of going to the gym. Of course, you can also choose to go to the gym and even to courses, and hire a personal trainer!

Just in case you don’t, the park is the best alternative to the gym!

Put your headphones on, use proper equipment (especially the footwear should be properly choosed- choose sports footwear which has enough amortization in order to prevent joint problems later), install a running app on your phone (I would recommend Nike + Run Club app, which tracks all your achievements, routes, has guided runs, coaching and I love it that when I finish my run, they always congratulate me! 😎😀🥇)…and start!

Running boosts your metabolism, fills your body with oxygen, makes your brain healthier and sharpens your attention, releases endorphins and keeps you in shape. Personally, I enjoy running for the sake of it, it makes me feel good and motivated, and it really boosts my energy levels no matter how tired I am that day.

Besides running, if you don’t just want to stick to cardio, you can gain muscle and sculpt your body in the coziness of your own home. You only need some square meters (hopefully you don’t have grumpy neighbors underneath your apartment 🙈), a yoga mat, your own body (or your can use light weights, even water bottles go!) and a pc, tablet, phone, where you can watch YouTube professional workouts. There are thousands of them, adapted to any goals and fitness levels. And they are also fun to do!

Here’s one cool example on youtube of a total body workout which I absolutely love: https://youtu.be/s3F6R92s6_o

I promise you, that when you’ll make workouts part of your weekly routine, you’ll get addicted to them! And you’ll start seeing amazing results too! Get that booty out of the couch and use it’s energy to move!

I usually either start or end my day by working out, but you can include it in your schedule the best way in which it suits you.


2.) A good night sleep
Good morning guys, did you sleep like a baby? Yes!? Then great, it means you slept well.

The quality of our sleep is sometimes actually much more important than the quantity. What I understand by quality of sleep? Feeling completely relaxed during sleep, going easily to sleep and waking up reinvigorated, full of life force and energy.

Of course, there are many factors which play a role in the quality of our sleep, many of them are psychological, but you can improve your sleep just by sleeping in a completely dark room, using a sleeping mask, airing out your room before going to bed, turning off all electronic devices and focusing on your breath until you go to sleep. I’ll talk a bit more about breating later on.

You can also relax each body part while you sit on your back (in yoga this is called Shavasana, give it a search on google to find out more!) until you fall asleep. Sleeping on the left side of the body is also healthy, for it aligns all organs of the body.

And, stop eating too much and too heavy before bed, your body needs rest! Instead, you could drink some lavender tea, which helps calming the nervous sistem and the mind 💜 I’m in love with lavender…💜

3.) Breathing

Breathing means life force. Breathe in, breathe out… Breathe deep. In your “guts”. It’s called abdominal breathing and it provides your body over 30% more oxygen than normal breathing does. You might get a bit dizzy when trying it out first, but then, you’ll discover all it’s benefits.

And I’m talking from the perspective of a singer, singing teacher and yoga-practitioner. That’s the breath singers use! 😉

This kind of breath is amazing. It calms you, helps you controll your emotions better, relaxes you and energises you. It just makes you feel alive and balances the brain hemispheres.

Besides this, focusing on your breath is the perfect way to meditate and boost your energy level. This leads us to the next point.

4.)Meditation 🧘🏻‍♀️

Meditation is one of the most efficient ways to attain the perfect inner balance of our being. It’s not necessarily something spiritual or religious, unless you want to. Meditation can be used by anyone as a perfect tool for reaching peace with ourselves and the world surrounding us.

Meditation is a tool which can help us observe our thoughts more objectively, non-judgementally and calms down the “monkey-mind”. That sounds really good, doesn’t it? That constant blah blah of the mind which sometimes exhausts you has the opportunity to finally take a nap! 😀

This of course helps us concentrate better on what is essential in the moment, by focusing our mind on the present moment.

Such thing is very beneficial to us, as so we spare a lot of energy which we would otherwise maybe use to worry, on finding solutions and on creating.

Even 5 minutes a day of meditation are welcome! You can do it in the morning, during the day or before bedtime, whenever your feel like!

There are lots of meditation techniques out there, but one of the simplest would be focusing on your breath and observing your thoughts come and go, but not forcing yourself to get rid of them. Just observe and let go…

Namaste dear friends, and let’s see the next point! 🙏🏻🧘🏻‍♀️

5.)Yoga classes 

Yoga has already become a trend in the occidental world for a longer while. It actually all stared to become a market with a variety of forms, after the hippie movement in the sixties. The roots of yogic practice are deeply found in eastern spirituality (indian, more specifically 👳🏿‍♂️).

In India traditional yoga is still being kept untouched . By the way…I’m preparing my first trip to India, can’t wait to share it with you when it’s going to happen! 😍

Unlike original yoga, today’s many occidental practices have been largely adapted to western lifestyles and needs. Today you can participate at a wide range of yoga classes, more or less modernised, like: Acro Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga etc.

Opinions about the modern occidental yoga are split.

I do recommend it. That yoga which is focused on the body. Not necessarily spiritual stuff and not at all pseudo-spiritual stuff, not sectarian stuff, not any kind of movements who make you enroll in a certain behaviour or way of thinking.

I recommend anything which helps you attain balance, harmony, wellbeing, happiness, health of the body, the mind and the spirit.

I’ve been practicing hatha yoga myself for three years at the national yoga study and practice group of Romania and now I sometimes do hatha yoga from a book at home 🤗 It is totally a huge energy boost tool!

The fact about yoga is that it’s a body-centred kind of meditation. It not only makes you focus on your breath but it also makes you focus on your body, each part of it, making you aware that you have a body!

By practicing yoga you become more aware of all the tensions and blockages which your body holds and you dissipate them step by step.

Yoga makes you conscious of the fact that you are a whole being- body, mind and spirit. How could this not make you more balanced, full of energy and happier, be it practiced in Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter?

6.) Adopt a new habit

Lifestyles are built by habits. I love good habits. It’s good routine. It’s exciting routine, changed into goals! It’s setting new goals. It’s getting out of the confort zone. Not just once, but every day of your life. It’s responsibility and commitment. It’s an act of self love.

What about becoming vegetarian, quitting smoking, waking up an hour earlier or going to bed earlier, taking walks in the park, eating a salad a day, and all the above mentioned examples of course?!

Start a dancing class! 💃🏼🕺🏻

New habits have the magic of new beginnings. Just like falling in love, they make you feel alive and full of enthusiasm!

Adopting new habits in Spring is the perfect moment to do it!

7.)Organise yourself, simplify, order!

Have you ever heard about the japanese method of organising your home?

Marie Kondo, the author of the book “ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Declutterring and Organising” can tell you in detail about the secrets of this method. I highly recommend reading the book. But even if you don’t read it, things are very simple: outside order is what orders the mind. An ordered mind can be attained by meditation, yoga, but also by your mom, who used to tell you to clean up your room, when you were a teenager😂  Hope that made you smile 😄

Sooo, just start by throwing away anything which makes the energy of the space in which you live feel heavy and old! Our living space has a bigger influence than you might think on our mood ( Long-live the science of Feng-Shui!).

Throw away the old stuff and the stuff which you don’t need anymore and barely use. Maybe donate them. Or sell them. Then keep the space clean and organised. Don’t complicate, don’t let things “grow” again until your need a week or two to re-establish the order in the house.

Oraganize your time also. Make to-do lists. No, don’t be a freak, don’t be obsessed by lists and order, but do this enough so that it’s useful in your life. I promise you, it will spare you a lot of headaches and energy, and let you focus on your priorities better!

8.) Start a diary and use your hand-writing more!

Handwriting, specially writing in a diary, has always been considered to be a form of therapy. But then maybe, you want to write poetry or fiction, that too is of course therapy trough creativity! You don’t necessarily have to consider yourself a writer, in order to act like one 😜

Go buy a cute agenda and start writing, no matter the result. Whatever you feel like. Let it flow. There’s no need for it to be a certain way. Just see what comes. You’ll be impressed by the creativity that lies within you, once you go with the flow! Writing is a form of meditation too. It’s relaxing and cool. It challenges you and keeps your brain in shape!

Release the inner writer in you!

Okey guys, hope you enjoyed this list of things which I shared here with you and that it inspires you in your own life. You don’t have to do all of them (unless you want to of course!), one is enough to make you feel good and energized. If you have any questions or want to share with me how you feel after trying them out, I would really enjoy knowing about your experience!

Until next time I am wishing you an awesome Spring full oflife and love! 😍❤️🌸Much, much Love,Catinca

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